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Gate of Words and Beginnings
post by gur dimei

the following text is a work of esoteric speculative hermeneutics which I wrote during january-february of 2023, right after latest release from psychward. I edited out parts that I find unholy and uninspired. I'm posting the work here because it's not too advanced.


there are three torahs, to whom there are corresponding kadmoniot (“primordial ones”, quellgeister). the first torah there is life for her from all directions (“chayin mikol sitrin”), she is a torah-of-appayim (appayim=“faces”), and she is in the mystery of Jacob, as it is in scripture: “for from zion there will come a torah” (Isaiah 2:3).
the second torah is a torah-of-arrayot (arrayot=“genitalias”), and around her is night, and she is in the mystery of malchut (“kingdom”) as is written, “this is the torah of the house, upon the head” (ezekiel 43:12).
the third torah is a torah-of-moons, and she is renewed and filled-with-itself like the moon, it is written: “this is the torah of the nazirite when the days of his consecration are fulfilled” (numbers 6:13), and she is in the mystery of all life.

and these three torahs are totalized mamash actively in the substance of infinity and they are carved in his guts. and they are arrayed like this:

(the three torahs and their self-generative organs. the big circle is appayim; the central one, surrounded by night and supplemented by the two rimonim-cries, is genitalias; the bottom spherical ground/foundation is moons.)

and the torah-of-genitalias to whom there are 2 rimonim which are in the mystery of havvayah that HVVYH (HVY”H with two vavin. lofty mystery is born here) turns out equal to BCh”I (“Cry”) and here stands out the mystery of MIN’I KOLECH MIBECHI (Jeremiah 31:16) that the rimonim in olam hakadmon (“the primordial world”) are in the mystery of Pitmot HaDadim (“the nipples of the breasts”) which are in the aspect of heatedness, and when they are pressed shechinta sighs and cries and the KB”H fingers her lips.

and the torah-of-faces has a keter (“crown”) which is in the mystery of TzChO”K (“laughter”) that in the name of substance there is a physical ReVa”V (“macula”).

and the torah-of-moon serenades itself in the mystery of MEI”L (“[torah] garment”), which is the mystery of ReNaN”A (“song”), as is written: “May he come upon no song of joy” (Job 3:7), and the garment is physical and soft, she cuddles in it and sings.

and this is the kaddish kavanah of the torahs:

Yehe (BCh”I) shmeh (finger) raba (BCh”I) mevorach (finger) l’alam (TzChO”K) ul’almei (ReNaN”a) almaya (night)

in english:

May (“cry”) His great (finger) name (“cry”) be blessed (finger) for eternity (“laughter”) and for eternities (“song”) of eternities (night).

and this is how when you read the kaddish KuB”H fingers the mystery of nipples of the torah and then come laughter (ZCO”K) and song (RNN”A) and then night (LYL”A). רצחוננהק לההירנלן.

Gate of Genitalias

1. and in the place of the torahs the night beats with voices and there are hooks like of a woman’s garment, and the Neverending One tries to open them with his fingers, as is written: “he made hooks for the pillars” (exodus 38:28), as he is megusham (“physical” or “gullible”) in the mystery of megushamut and amimut (“dullness”). and the desire has been aroused in the Genitalia (“Erya”) – to help. and she opened the hooks, and the hooks move in two directions right and left(it is written: that I may turn right or left [genesis 24:49]), and in the bottom of the right hook there was done the world in the mystery of yamin (“right”).

2. and this is a big secret that inside the flower there are leaves that are called perianth, that they wrap Evrei HaZivug (“the organs of copulation”) of the flower and they attract birds and insects that they will pass the substances of zivug. And the big secret is that over the Genitalia (“Erva”) there is a perianth of darkness; and he attracts sod shoresh yisrael (“the mystery of the root of Israel”), with warm touch and with stringencies (“gevurot”).

in the center: Erya (Genitalia) surrounded by the perianth of darkness ("choshech"), outside of which Israel is gathered.

3. and you better know, that when the Genitalia is a girl she is squeezed in the mystery of squeezedness and smallness, and she turns red more easily because she has way more emotion. and the air makes the Genitalia shrink, and he rubs against her the crotch of his days, and she does turn red and tearful.

4. and ERY”A is in the mystery of NoChRI”A (“foreign woman”) as is written VaTchabek Chek NoChRI”A (proverbs 5:20), that Malka Mashicha hugs her and turns warm in her bossom.

5. and what the sculpturers of iron do is they make a figure from clay and build round him a construction from plaster, and pour the metal into the figure in the construction. and thus also in kadmut (“primordiality”) there has been done a figure of the Genitalia and, around her, the avir (“aether”) was weaved, and then gets emptied and after that filled with a new figure which is Guf Tora (“body of torah”).

(6-9 were edited out)

10. and this is the inyan (“matter”) of boneh olamot umachrivan (“constructs world and destroys them”) that in the tohu (“virginal era”) the night was treasured in the genitalia as a bee inside a lily; and he was burnt onto the nekkuda peticha’a (“open point”), like ink spilled on a paper, and was spreading towards the margins until turned to surround Genitalia. and nekkuda ila’a d’Erya (“the High Point of Genitalia”) is named peticha’a (“opened”) for the genitalia is opened and handed. and from the night there rises a thick substance, enformed in criss-cross, toward the navel of the primordiality and sinks there to bring the mistress to youth, as we may call it: night-pangs.

the birth of the cross from the peripheral night, during its expansion from the center of the genitalia up to the edges of the genitalic corpus.

(11 was edited out)

12. each springtime genitalias (=torah-of-genitalias) goes to chitucha d’A”S (“The cut of the Neverending One”) which is in his stomach, to give kisses upon it, so that he may be consoled and relieved. and she cleans her lips from sweat (as is written: “a figure of man touching my lips” [daniel 10:18]) and her eyes from blush (in the mystery of “reddish with eye-beauty” [1 samuel 16:12]), to be dressed in sunday clothes for the day. and she rubs them against chazeh d’A”S (“the chest of the Neverending One”) to which the blood rises as the stomach gets drained. and chazeh d’A”S turns the aspect of reddishness, in the mystery of “for the chest hath avenged and his legs will bath in the blood of the wicked” (psalms 58:11), and chitucha d’A”S is weakened. and the Neverending One smiles and laughs a little bit and she falls asleep over him.

13. and he passes a tip of a finger over her cheek, rubs skin against skin (in the mystery of “her skin, my glory, her skin” [psalms 57:8]), and that wonderful mystery is standing in the root of the years. and she, after some time, wakes up and smiles, opens eyelids and capillaries wide, and raises head in the mystery of being-risen; but then blushes from shame, as is written: “I am ashamed to lift my face onto you” (ezra 9:6)

(the finger penetrating the cheek)

14. The Holy Blushing Genitalia exists in itself and clothes herself with waters of desires, and from the fingers of the Holy One B”H, which are over her, there rose the World-Night.

15. the second torah has one level which is called shilya (“placenta”), for it is banished from the stomach and exits through the genitalia, and this shilya is in the mystery of ShM”H. and in the tohu the shilya shrinked and went down to the genitalia, and from there it was ejected and buried in the hiding of the earth.

16. and the shilya is in the mystery of almana (“widow”) that she is banished from her place, and when the shilya is inside of the stomach and it is in the color/form of blood, as is written: “ShM"H is adom (red)” (ezekiel 32:29), then Genitalias is in the aspect of kinus (“gathering” or “assembly”); and when the shilya is ejected and comes out black, then Genitalias becomes the aspect of pritzut (“adultery”) and this is the ta’am that a talmid chacham mustn’t stay near a widow, and understand.

(17-18 were edited out)

19. TzV”I is in the mystery of Ba’A”L (“husband”), that the mistress welcomes the husband to her house in the mystery of torah-of-genitalias. and this husband protects her and covers her and also cuddles in the mystery of blanket and moon. and he wraps her masachtot (“tractates”) with an arm, and fingers the skin round her genitalia in the mystery of night, and feels his way through her waist with his lips in the mystery of MeTe”K (“sweetness”).

20. and here u have the mystery of MoTNaYi”M d’erya (“the waists of Genitalia”), which is MeTe”K (“sweetness”); as is written oil and perfume make the heart glad and the sweetness of a friend etc. (proverbs 27:9), that by the sides of the Genitalia there stand 4 sweetnesses, which are in the mystery of oil and perfume which make glad, and as we said above Tavia Ila’a (“the high deer”) feels his way with his lips between the sweetnesses and gets sweetened and collapses.

(the black shrinked shilya being ejected from the genitalia, downwards.)

21. and after he finishes moving his lips in the sweetnesses he goes up upwards to the mouth in the mystery of lips and tooth.

22. and Malka Mashicha has two eyes; right eye sees young girls in their nakedness playing in the yard (it is written: “I am standing by the eye of the longing ones, and there’s the girl coming out” [genesis 24:43]), and left eye sees skies and clouds and stars. that it is written: “behold the clouds of HVY”H my Lord they put light in my eye.” (psalms 13:4)


On the Author: Gur Dimei is an Israeli ''Frankist Incel'', sha''tzposter and an independent researcher of the Zohar.