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post by gur dimei

I am gonna answer some questions here regarding the @Gurcel316 ideology.
To clarify some stuff

Q: dear Gurcel316. I enjoy your posts a lot. I want to ask you – what is Frankism?

A: hello. Frankism is an ideology which is centred around EMUNAH (“faith”) – the KAVANA (“devotion”) behind our deeds, which enables the tikkun of the klipot. According to MARAN YAKOV FRANK, our actions are the most important – but also the kavana behind them.

Q: is Frankism against law?

A: Frankism sees law as intrinsically linked with punishment. Maran Yakov Frank has talked much of the bloodshed-water process – following Rabbi Nathan’s remark that the Holy Serpent (judgmental agent) will deconstruct mosaic buildings for the sake of cosmic penitence, Maran Yakov Frank said that we need to hasten the coming of the bloodshed (war of Gog&Magog, final coming of Messiah-ben-Joseph) so that the gates of heaven will later openup and the living-water will pour into the world. How do we hasten the coming of bloodshed? The answer is supposed to be “sins”. But I am in no way telling you to sin, because it will earn you a place in hell. The one who will sin is Mashiach.

Q: what are the core tenants of Frankist Theology?

A: there are numerous core tenants to Frankist theology. Let me list them –
(1) God is threefold – a threefold chain of seed-vessel dyads. Widenose-Littlenose, Littlenose-Matronita.
(2) The Torah is purely allegorical. It has solely a hidden meaning, and not a literal meaning.
(3) The Living God is a physical being – in the original meaning of the word “physical” – Physis, which means “growth” in Ancient Greek. The God of Israel, Jehovah, is a natural metabolic being, a part of our world’s epigenetic processes.
(4) Our sole halachic authority is the Holy Zohar, instead of the Gemoro. This means that we are considered complete tzaddikim (“Your people are all tzaddikim” – Isaiah 60:21) as long as we don’t engage in impure sexual activities (such as wasting-seed, committing abortion, lying with menstruants, etc.).

Q: is Jehovah the demiurge?

A: demiurge is a definition that designates any being with the capability to generate. It refers traditionally to the “active intellect”, or the second principle, which fabricates the world of creation. There are numerous demiurgic constructs throughout the bible. For instance, ELOHIM is the demiurge in ma'aseh bereshit (first chapter of genesis), while YHVH is the demiurge in ma’aseh merkava (second chapter of genesis, from the fourth verse). Each divine unit is by definition demiurgic, because the divine world is a world of artistry. Even souls are souls are theurges, which labor themselves and nourish their own receptacles capacious of pleromic light.

Q: what are the most important teachings of Rabbi Nathan of Gaza?

A: the most important teaching of Rabbi Nathan is that we need to cultivate and bless Eretz Yisrael so that the divine vehicle-receptacles (the sfirot) will be nourished, fed, and formed. According to Rabbi Nathan the cosmic body of God is in a constant metabolic process, in which spiritual and organic circulations of abundance lead to the generation of souls and powers.

Q: what is the frankist view of Jesus?

A: Frankists view Jesus as a previous incarnation of Maran Yakov Frank, who himself went on to reincarnate in the next christs.

Q: is the Serpent in the Creation-story a good-guy?

A: No. The serpent in the creation story is what the Zohar calls Chivya Bisha (“the bad serpent”). The good serpent is Moses’ rod, which was the Holy Serpent – an agent of judgment and penitence, formation and cultivation. This serpent has traditionally been seen as a life-giving force, and the equation MASHIACH=NACHASH refers to Moses’ rod – the holy serpent who can defeat the evil egyptian serpents.

On the Author: Gur Dimei is an Israeli ''Frankist Incel'', sha''tzposter and an independent researcher of the Zohar.