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shabbatean diagrams

post by gur dimei

fig. 1 "partzufical concept":

a diagram of the procession and composition of the abstract configuration/persona (atika) onto and through the total configuration (da'at; partzuf haklali). the persona achieves a unique shape through the concept of the holy spirit.

fig. 2 "economy of neshamization":

history proceeding from the primal body (elohi"m) onto the sulphuric act (hvy"h) and through them to the affirmed totality (adn"y)

fig. 3 "neshamatic self-affirmation":

the self-concept of malka kadisha through and by his neshama, atik. the neshamic-assaulter who is atik is an agent of actualization processing malka kadisha to self-fulfillment, concretization and becoming-real in himself.

fig. 4 "the self-birth of israel":

malka kadisha the mighty one self-creates within and from the holy materia of abba v'imma.

fig. 5 "the ongoing copulation in the choshech":

the zivug of the formal worlds is conducted through and by the darkness of the primal talit, which weakens the chilling grace and protects and hides Zu"N from him.

fig. 6 "elohimic self-cognition":

shem elohi"m develops his own interiority though which he comes to recognize himself and achieve self-world-consciousness.