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sefer update 10/02/24: Sfirology & Polygenesis = Out Now !!

post by Gur Dimei

Hi guys – fellow E-FRANKISTS and TIKKUNCELS – it’s me, Gur, again. Today I am a little bit excited because I am releasing my debut book – Sfirology & Polygenesis (press here to purchase). I have been working on the book since the recent september 2023, after a long process of proving myself worthy of initiation, and mastering Nathan of Gaza’s Book of Creation by myself (as few [if any at all] are well-versed in this work).

The book I published now is a collection of works that I wrote in the period between september 2023 to february 2024, divided into many sections – diary posts, notes, etc. – elucidating different aspects of Shabbatean/Frankist theology and explicating the system of “Le Zivugique” – the chymical wedding of spirit-with-body in God’s self-composition.

Anyway, I hope you may enjoy and learn from the sfirology. I am also announcing that I’ve already began working on a second book, named Spermatographia: Spiritual Physics and Radical Stereology, largely explicating the pneumato-alchemical system of triune generation and exhaustion/coagulation of divine potentials.

Hopefully we will all find our place in ourselves. Amen :-)